Our Story


Behind the scene of Patisserie Art it’s only me, Giulia. I have been an Italian pastry chef since 2014, however my career started with a different path…

I graduated in Artistic, Library’s and Performing Arts Heritage, I’ve always been a creative one! I have so many ideas in my head and love to see them taking shape, be it a painting a watercolour, chocolate or a gateaux.

I became a mum at 18 years old and it literally turned my world upside down, I was still
attending High school and it’s been hard to follow my dreams whilst my daughter became my new priority. I had to secure a roof over our heads and a safe job during very tough times in Italy.

Once she started growing up a little, I was able to attend a pastry academy, whist working full time. This was an unpaid apprenticeship, to allow students to gain experience.

It was the beginning of countless sacrifices, from being split between two jobs, working long hours until late into the night and of course working weekends, however, without this training, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

To me, feeling the perfect consistency of a dough, modelling sweet pastry like play doh, counting the layers of butter lamination inside my puff pastry, watching my croissant rising or moulding a shiny chocolate bon bon is pure joy. That’s because of what’s behind it, lots of studies, sacrifices and experiments.

It’s so satisfying when you finally understand the mechanism about how single ingredients react and work together, because it is so much than just a recipe!


Year after year I’ve strived for new challenges and just like that I moved to the Land of Mary Stuart and William Wallace in 2018, following a dream called Gleneagles

That was just the first step towards many other luxury 5 star Hotels and Multi Rosette Restaurants.

When I first arrived in Scotland it was impossible not to notice how pure and uncontaminated this land is. I’ve never seen such a clear blue sky, never breathed air so clean and I was just amazed to see animals everywhere, free to graze in these never ending green Glens, exactly how it should be, a place where men still follow and respect the rhythm of nature. As do we!

What’s better than sourcing and benefitting from what this beautiful Country has to offer? 

Ensuring the freshness of my ingredients, sourcing them locally and only Nationally when supply demands it, is one of my main principles, which at the same time touches on another subject very important to me: to be able to give my own contribution, supporting the internal economy of a Country that welcome me and I can now call home. 


I’m grateful to my home Country which taught me the true love of food which for us is a real culture, it has nothing to do with eating because we have to, or devouring what’s on our plate, to the contrary, eating is a truly sensorial experience made up of taste and pleasure

The 2 ideals for which I stand for:


Taste goes hand in hand with quality. Choose the best, tasty prime material, check where they come from and never go cheap on ingredients.


There is no need of hundreds of flavours combined together, or the most weird combination to impress. The most popular dishes all over the world are made with few simple ingredients, think for example of pizza?

I hope my chocolates, artisan spreads and patisserie will cheer everyone up, whether in a gloomy rainy day or in a bright happy one. They are created to be indulged from beginning to end!

Our Mission

       We aim to bring to you the highest quality and tasty food, balancing the ratio of fat and sugar, sourcing high quality ingredients, prioritising local and following the seasons.
With the addition of something new :


— You wouldn’t believe how amazing
simple things taste!