Luxury Spreads , Nut Butters and Caramels, all of this deliciousness is truly artisan, created with passion on the North East coast of Scotland!

Each being made from prime raw material to the final product.

We source our nuts and cocoa butter from the best place of origin and process them in our professional melanger – this is a kind of stone grinder that keeps running for hours in order to gently turn the ingredients into smooth, silky pastes, and guess what? All their properties remain intact! Our recipes are developed to bring you lots of flavour without excess fat and sugar.

We care about your health, especially important in a product that lends itself to be added to our everyday breakfast. We do not use any additives, food preservatives, or food colourings as you can see by looking at the natural colour they have rather than a very bright artificial one. Shel-life is determined by the natural properties of every single ingredient, they basically preserve themselves

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Available to be posted in all Uk Mainland and for local delivery too !