3 movies you should watch if you love chocolate and patisserie

NR 1 – CHOCOLAT (2000)

Set in France in 1959, Vianne and her daughter Anouk arrive in the small and conservative village of Lansquenet.

Just during the Lenten fast period she opens a chocolate shop, this will turn the habitants’s lives upside down, tempting them with the pleasures of the luscious and sinful chocolate, as no-one can resist to the uncontrollable attraction to “The Gods food”! .

I obviously particularly appreciated the scenes where chocolate bon bon were prepared, so simple and different from the bars we’re used to see now!


I’m a convinced loyal to the first and original film of 1971, so , look no further than that !

The movie, based on a 1964 novel, tells the story of a poor child in the 1930 called Charlie, who, upon finding a Golden ticket in a chocolate bar, wins the chance to visit the mysterious Willy’s Wonka Chocolate factory.

The rest of the story must be enjoyed on the screen , watch it if you haven’t done yet!

NR 3 – VATEL (2000)

01B9QX6H; Vatel (2000)

The story of a Chef under the reign of Louis the sun King, Gereard Depardieu is Vatel who literally creates food art, he’s a master on sugar paste, bread and ice, whatever it takes to impress the venial nobles and the King’s court.

The movie shows all details gloriously, the colours play beautifully between the food, sets and the costumes, even if the movie’s story doesn’t engage you , it’s really delicious to look at.

Have you ever seen all the 3 of them?

Which one Do you like the most?

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