The answer is controversial : Yes AND No – Let’s find out why !

On my previous article I’ve talked about the 3 chocolates composition, for which we know now that chocolate itself is a food rich in fat and sugars, but all depends on how they are distributed.

The percentage you read on the packaging (80%, 70%, 35 % etc…) is referred to the cocoa mass present in that chocolate, remember that cocoa mass is made of cocoa solids plus cocoa butter in circa equal proportions, and that cocoa butter is the fat part of chocolate.

A 70% chocolate is divided in : 30% added sugar + 70% Cocoa mass (of which 35% is Cocoa butter (FAT) and the rest 35% is cocoa solids (a mix of proteins, carbohydrate, minerals exc…)

A 35% Milk chocolate is usually divided in : 35% Cocoa mass + 65% added sugar and milk powder

So, Dark chocolate is commonly considered “healthier” than other chocolates because of his percentage of cocoa mass, the more the percentage increases the more is the cocoa mass and there is less room for other ingredients such as sugar.

On the other hand, when the percentage decreases there is less cocoa mass and more other ingredients, usually sugar and milk powder, this is the case of Milk and White chocolate.

In conclusion, it is correct to chose Dark chocolate to avoid too much sugar, but it’s not just sugar you should consider, Dark chocolate is the richest in fat for his high content of Cocoa butter, even if it’s a “good” fat. It really depends on your needs and preferences, and because every chocolate, chocolatier and chocolate factory is different, the rule in place is always the same : Check the ingredients list on the packaging !

Are you looking for a chocolate with a lower amount of sugar, or you don’t care at all ?

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