Our artisan chocolates and bars are hand-crafted with love on the North East Coast of Scotland.
The journey of love by the sea, starts with hand-polishing every mould, hand-painting them with

various techniques and hand-tempering lots of chocolate!

The truly artisan work that goes on behind the scenes makes each chocolate bon bon a delicious

little work of art.

We are also passionate about chocolate history, from the ancient Aztecs to the chocolate
plantations we have today. We love to try different chocolate producers, tasting the different notes

that every provenance has to offer and what they can bring to our products.

For decades chocolate has been the perfect gift that expresses love and delight in every bite, it’s

the universal language of love, no matter where you are.

That’s why our chocolates are available to be posted anywhere in the Uk Mainland, to send some

love to someone special, or simply to treat yourself!

The boxes are beautifully packaged and include a hand-written message!

So, what are you waiting for ..?

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